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King Sailfish Mounts are now available online. King Sailfish Mounts individually crafts each finely detailed mounted fish by hand, one-at-a-time. Every reproduction is airbrushed to resemble that species' most vivid and striking color patterns. Initially formed to promote the release of local Atlantic sailfish, King Sailfish continues to be the leader in Marine Conservation.

The Yellowfin Tuna is found worldwide in deep, warm temperate open ocean waters. This is the most colorful of all of the tunas and as they grow larger, Yellowfins develop overextended second dorsal and anal fins and are often referred to as Alison Tuna. Yellowfin Tuna are highly esteemed as both a sport and commercial fish. Yellowfin tuna spend much of their time in the upper part of the water column, often feeding on the surface on small fish. The I.G.F.A. All-Tackle World Record for Yellowfin Tuna as set at over 388-pounds. Info provided by The International Game Fish Association.