Expedition Notebook with Jessica Harvey


Join Guy Harvey and his daughter Jessica as they travel the world to study and document the largest predators and most exotic wildlife on land and in the sea. The Expedition Notebook brings all of the action from out in the field and on the water directly to your screen in this exciting and educational video series. Get up close and personal with our wild world in Jessica Harvey’s Expedition Notebook!

Sea Turtles

Jessica Harvey looks at everyone's favorite marine creature - the Sea Turtle!

Shark School with Jessica Harvey

Now available available for you to watch on Amazon-Shark School with Jessica Harvey! To watch the full expedition CLICK HERE!

Jessica Harvey's Expedition Notebook

Ready to learn some marine science? Here's a preview of Jessica Harvey's Expedition Notebook.

Artificial Reefs

Jessica Harvey explores the fascinating world of artificial reefs.

Bloody Bay Wall

Jessica Harvey takes us to what's been called the "best dive site in the world" - a wonder of nature....

The Food Web

Jessica Harvey shows us how everything in the ocean is interconnected - and how we are connected to it as well.

Ocean Acidification

Jessica Harvey helps us understand "ocean acidification" and how it could impact everything on the planet.

Shortfin Mako Shark

Jessica Harvey introduces us to the fastest shark in the ocean!

White Shark

Jessica Harvey introduces us to the world's most loved shark and why it may not be so "great" after all.

The White Marlin

Jessica Harvey introduces us to this fascinating and mysterious fish.

Grouper Moon

Take an adventure to the Cayman Islands to save a species!

Great Barracuda

The Great Barracuda is a ferocious looking fish known for its size and toothy grin but it’s got a critical job to do.

Silky Shark

The Silky Shark is found in tropical waters around the world but is considered near threatened because of fishing by catch.

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Once the most abundant large animal on the planet, Oceanic Whitetip populations have been reduced upwards of 98% in 30 years.


Seagrasses may be less charismatic than other ocean species but they are some of the most productive ecosystems on Earth.

Sister Island Rock Iguana vs Green Iguana

Native to the Cayman Islands, the Sister Island Rock Iguana is being out-competed by the invasive Green Iguana.

Booby Pond Nature Reserve Little Cayman

Explore one of the most unique locations in the Caribbean - the Booby Pond Nature Reserve in the Little Cayman.


Hogfish are some of the most unique looking fish on the reef and its “hog” snout can be very helpful on a coral reef.

Sister Island Rock Iguana

Native to the Cayman Islands, the Sister Island Rock Iguana is one of the most endangered species in the world.

Great Blue Iguana vs Green Iguana

Explore the differences between the Blue Iguana, native to the Cayman Islands, and the invasive Green Iguana.

Great Hammerhead Shark

The Great Hammerhead may be the most advanced species of any shark. Explore what makes this iconic shark so unique.

The Magic of Mangroves - Part 2

Mangroves thrive and grow in the boundary between the sea and land. Explore how these species survive in a hostile environment.

The Magic of Mangroves - Part 1

Mangrove are the unsung superheroes of the coastal environment. Explore what makes this habitat so essential for so many species.

Caribbean Reef Shark

The Caribbean Reef Shark is one of the most commonly encountered sharks on tropical Atlantic coral reefs.

Bull Shark

Considering their size, aggression and adaptability, Bull Sharks are one of the most effective predators in our oceans (and rivers)!

Lemon Shark

With its “lemon” coloration, toothy grin, and small, beady eyes, the lemon shark is an iconic species on tropical coral reefs.

Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is an apex predator found all over the world and is the iconic game fish, highly prized by every saltwater angler.

Blue Iguana

Human activities have had a detrimental impact on Green Iguanas in the Cayman Islands. Explore the work being done to help this species flourish again.


The Sailfish is the fastest fish in the sea and has a number of biological tools that it uses to take down a ball of bait fish.

Stingray Biology

Southern Stingrays are related to skates and sharks and are found throughout the Western Atlantic and the Caribbean.

Whale Shark

Jump into the water with the largest fish in the ocean – the Whale Shark.


Some of the most colorful fish on the reef, Parrotfish also play a vital role in keeping reefs healthy and beaches stocked with sand.

Stingray Tourism

Make a splash at the number one dive destination and Wildlife Interactive Zone in the world – Stingray City in Grand Cayman.

The Tiger Shark

Tiger Sharks are as comfortable in the open ocean as they are on coral reefs and research shows they know exactly where they are going.


Lionfish are invasive in the Atlantic and Caribbean and are severely impacting native fish populations.

Nassau Grouper

Guy teams up with Sir Richard Branson to document the Nassau Grouper spawning aggregations in the Caribbean.