Guy Harvey is here for you.

Guy Harvey is here for you.

Times are tough. First of all, there is the fear of the unknown; worrying about our health, the economy, our jobs and our loved ones. The claustrophobia can be real as we are confined to our homes. There is the pressure of keeping a brave face when we may be are scared to death. Maybe you usually have a high intensity job with all of a sudden little work to do. Juggling the kid’s school work and working from home can be a nightmare. We have so much more time on our hands yet somehow are so much less productive, causing a viscous circle of heightened anxiety and reduced productivity. There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic is a catastrophe of massive proportions. But whatever is weighing on your mind during this scary and volatile time, remember that we are all in this together and the Guy Harvey family is here for you.

Let’s look at some of the positives of this situation.

  1. One word – nature. Are the birds chirping more or are we just listening more? Either way, we are loving it. The ocean is quiet and the animals and their habitats must be benefiting greatly from the reduced pressure from fishing, snorkeling, diving, and noise pollution. How about the cleaner air and water? With less people on the roads and waterways, and reduced industrial activity, there have been some astonishing reports of nature’s healing. As destructive as COVD-19 is to the human world, the Earth may be benefitting greatly from this break in anthropogenic pressures.
  2. Becoming aware and changing behavior. In so many ways, being at home is making us more aware. One thing we notice is trash. Now that all of our daily trash is concentrated to one garbage at home, rather than spread out over work, home and public bins, it is easy to see how much we consume. Is it time to reduce your use of single-use packaging?
  3. Family time –Life is so fast paced in this day and age. Now that we are forced to stop, we can catch up on much needed family time. All Guy Harvey documentaries are available on Amazon Prime and iTunes and feature exciting underwater adventures. Scroll through and have a family movie night or challenge each other to a Guy Harvey cornhole board game! Family is a blessing and we will likely look back at this time and be grateful for it, even if there are a few arguments along the way.
  4. Learning new things – Learning about the ocean is always inspiring, intriguing, exciting and fun (but we might be biased). Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation has educational resources for everyone. Guy and Jessica Harvey host Facebook live sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays featuring lessons in art and marine biology followed by at home activities; and Jessica Harvey’s Expedition Notebook, a short educational video series takes you on 2-3 minute long excursions to learn about the ocean’s most amazing creatures. Check out all of our educational resources or get in touch to ask questions.
  5. Me time – Everyone needs me time, especially now when we are consumed by fear and negative news. Me time helps to calm the mind and allows us to focus on gratitude. If you’re anything like us, nothing makes you more productive, creative and calm than a day on the water. But you can reconnect with nature at home. Take advantage of the natural beauty of your own back yard. We are so lucky.
  6. Projects – Think of all those home projects that you have been pushing to the bottom of your to do list for possibly years, and then get to work! Is there an empty wall you have been needing to fill? Browse Guy Harvey artwork for inspiration. And here is something you may not know - he doesn’t just paint fish! Guy has an amazing collection of birds, flowers and scenes in mediums ranging from water color to pen and ink.
  7. Time to Plan – Planning your dream vacation takes a lot of time and effort and before the dream can be executed, the plan has to be absolutely perfect. And let’s be real, life doesn’t give time for that. Well, now it does. Not only will browsing and exploring the web give you serious travel inspiration, your plan will be perfect, it will give you something to look forward to, making this time somewhat more bearable, and it will allow you to reminisce and appreciate your past experiences in the wild world. Guy Harvey travels the world studying ocean creatures. Check out some of his expeditions for inspiration and why not shop Guy Harvey gear to fill your suitcase!

Thank you for supporting us over the years. Purchasing Guy Harvey merchandise directly benefits the ocean that we love. We are here to support you. Browse Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation’s educational page for activities, lessons and entertainment for all, or tune in to Facebook live and have your questions answered in real time. We are all in this together.

A special thank you goes out to all the people in essential roles that are working hard to keep us safe. Without your bravery, the world would be as depressing as an ocean with no fish.

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Although diving has stopped virtually for all of us remember this: when we get back to the refreshed ecosystems that we love, they will be more vibrant and alive. Take this moment off compressed air to look forward to dropping back to 60 feet and gain a new appreciation for the oceans we love.

mark scott

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