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  • Due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, all limited edition hand signed artwork will be subject to a delay in shipping. Please contact info@guyharvey.com for additional information or with any questions you might have.

This piece contains an original remarque. Please allow 6-8 weeks before this product ships.

Presenting an exclusive opportunity to purchase a Guy Harvey Limited Edition Artist Proof! This Lithograph is a museum quality reproduction of one of Guy Harveys original paintings. What makes this lithograph unique is that it contains an actual watercolor hand painted by Dr. Guy Harvey. This original piece of artwork is called a remarque and is painted o the border of the lithograph. The quantity of prints produced is considered the print run. Each lithograph is personally hand signed and numbered by Guy Harvey.This Smokin' Artsit Proof Lithograph features a school of beautifully detailed kingfish chasing bait..

Handpainted remarque by Dr. Guy Harvey

Remarques are unique to each piece

Piece measures 32'' x 39''