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Regarded as the world's premier marine wildlife artist, Dr. Guy Harvey continues to captivate audiences with his unique artistic style and the exhilaration of his grand underwater encounters. Guy Harvey paints his masterpieces from his studio located in Grand Cayman. His unparalleled experience interacting directly with underwater subjects emerges in the brilliant colors, thrilling movement, and incomparable accuracy of his artwork.


The Yellowfins are busy, popping small puffers, herrings and anchovies near the surface. The Big Blue Marlin hovering on the edge of visibility, sprints with lightning speed into the bunched school. The yellowfins however, are equally fast, rocketing skywards to avoid the slashing bill. Encounters between predator and prey in the sea are often witnessed by anglers, but seldom recorded; these encounters are brief, violent and usually one-sided. I have been lucky enough to have been in the right place at the right time on several occasions in the Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific and have been inspired by the colours the movement and the awesome power of the blue marlin."