Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation
Florida Prepaid College Foundation
Legacy Scholarship

Essay Contest Official Rules and Guidelines

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Florida Prepaid College Foundation have teamed up to offer four, 4-Year Florida University Plan scholarships to graduating high school seniors who plan to attend Nova Southeastern University.

Students must submit a 250-word essay to GHOF@guyharvey.com by August 9, 2020 explaining the reasons why they have a passion for marine science and conservation and what major threats to the oceans they plan to work on during their future career in ocean conservation. These essays will be evaluated by the staff of the GHOF who will ultimately decide who receives the scholarships.

To be eligible a student must:

  1. Have completed one of the following during high school: Marine Science I, Marine Science II, Environmental Science, and/or Biology.
  2. Students should provide proof of interest in marine science and conservation through memberships or participation in clubs or extracurricular activities and indicate a desire to pursue a science major in college.
  3. Recipients must:
    • Be less than 21 years of age
    • Be a resident of Florida or have a resident alien status
    • Have a valid SSN
    • Be need based (see below)
    • Stay in Marine Science-related track
    • Maintain a GPA of 2.5+
    • Send GHOF transcripts each year
    • Write a 1000-word review of their experience each year
    • All entries must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. ET, August 9, 2020.

Student should have at least one of the following factors present:

i. Poor attendance (more than 5 days absent from school during previous school year)

ii. Poor academic performance (less than a 2.5 GPA)

iii. More than three school reports showing behavior or other problems

iv. Single parent

v. Incarcerated parent

vi. Deceased parent

vii. Absent parent (no contact or support)

viii. Poor relations between biological parents

ix. DCF involvement

x. Extended family in home

xi. Student is teen parent

xii. Parent was teen parent

xiii. Student will be first in family to attend college

xiv. Student is first in family to complete high school

xv. Family has received TANF within one year

xvi. English not spoken at home

xvii. Migrant worker

xviii. Loss of employment

xix. Home in foreclosure

xx. Homeless or living with extended family or friends

xxi. Serious illness in family

xxii. Disabled student or family member

xxiii. Student is or has been in foster care