Article By: George C. Schellenger / GHOF Executive Producer

Guy Harvey went on a very different type of expedition recently as he toured the Florida Everglades with legendary Gladesman "Alligator" Ron Bergeron and members of the Guy Harvey Pro Team.

Ron Bergeron is a well-known South Florida developer and outdoorsman. He's dedicated his life to Everglades restoration and education.

In a day-long tour, Guy and Ron traveled throughout the pristine wilderness near Bergeron's Green Glades West. The task at hand was to see how they can work together to help save the Everglades and educate the public.

Millions of people rely on the Everglades every day.

"If we can send a man to the moon, we can restore the Everglades," Ron said, while showing Guy some of the resident deer population.

The restoration of the Everglades' watershed is considered the largest project of its kind ever undertaken by man.

The biggest threats to restoration are direction of water flow, invasive species (like the python and green iguana), development, climate change and water quality.

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