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December 12, 2019 1 min read

The Guy Harvey Research Institute is happy to have back a Pop-Off Satellite Archival Tag (PSAT) that was deployed on a 100 lb. Blue marlin down in Costa Rica in July 2017. The tagged fish was caught by a commercial fishing vessel and researchers noticed that the tag was reporting from land. Guy reached out to Captain Skip Smith, his friend and captain of the legendary sportfishing boat ‘The Hooker’, down in Costa Rica to help track down the valuable tag. Through the hard work of Capt. Smith and his crew, the tag was found and returned to the GHRI research team.

These tags cost thousands of dollars and contain a trove of information about where the tagged marlin travelled. Having the tag back allows researchers to download the full suite of data and they can also restore and re-deploy the tag. Guy and the entire GHRI team thank Capt. Smith and the crew of ‘The Hooker’ for their help!

To see the tracks from other GHRI tagged billfish, visit Click Here.

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